Weigh In Wednesday

Two weeks ago;
  • BUST- 35
  • HIPS- 40
  • WAIST- 32
  • THIGHS- 41
  • WEIGHT-154
This week; 
  • BUST- 35
  • HIPS- 40
  • WAIST- 32
  • THIGHS- 41
  • WEIGHT- 154.6

My work outs consist of;

Zumba Love Fest 2014  - 120 minutes. burning at least 1,000 calories
Elliptical Trainer  - 25 minutes. burning at least 268 calories
Stair master (including leg lifts and high knees) - 20 minutes. burning at least 322 calories

I haven't been feeling it much lately, after doing zumba for (2 hours straight)  my knee is in really bad shape. It hurts to bend it sometimes or even to step on it. I'm going to take it easy this week and maybe next week. I have a doctors appointment on Friday.

How are your goals coming along? 

Keep up with me & Let me know your here!

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