Monday, October 7, 2013

5 for FIVE

it's Monday again & all I have to say is, this week flew by and I'm glad because this Friday Joe is coming back.. He has been gone for too damn long.. We def needed that time apart to grow. I think it's good to do once in a while. maybe not this long.. again.. but


FantasticallyAverage1. GO TANNING- & got burnt in the process =( 2. GO TO MY APPOINTMENT TO SEE IF I GET ACCEPTED FOR MEDICAID WHILE I WAS PREGNANT- She said my case worker will give me a call but most likely I got accepted. THANK YOU GOD! 3. ZUMBA 2X 4. MAKE IT THROUGH MY TWO NIGHTS OF OVERNIGHT SHIFT =(- I actually almost called out my second night, but I pulled through and said fuck that I'm not losing 8 hours because I want my beauty sleep. LOL

5 for FIVE! Yesss 
1. GO TANNING - I need to have this and number 2 or I won't do them. seriously. I love this link up!
3. BUY A GIFT FOR ON OF MY BEST FRIENDS BABY SHOWER SATURDAY -  yay her first baby! and It's a girl! kind of makes me sad about my miscarriage but I can only keep my head up and pray for God to work things out for me!
4. LOOK FOR A PART TIME JOB - b/c 4 days a week ain't cuttin it. I been here for almost two years and my average hours 39.8... that has to tell you something! cuttin my damn hours, where they do that at.
5. ENJOY MY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY OFF - I do have plans.. but my plans ALWAYS fall through. Let's just hope Joe comes home Friday and we keep our plans to go to Virginia Beach. Then Saturday go to the Harvest Festival with Josiah and baby shower (but not with Josiah) Joe can enjoy his daddy day... ha

This is my current situation!  I was pushing Josiah on the merry go round
and he wanted to stop so I tried grabbing it and viola.. 
It was painful and I tried to get it fixed but the lady told me 
it could get infected.. no thanks! I'll leave it like this for a while.
I'll get it done this week before Joe gets home lol

 well it was real ..but I'm at work.. talk to you later!

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Social Sunday

 Sunday Social

1. What were you like in middle school and high school?
I was unique. I didn't try to fit in with the cool kids (or maybe 
I just wasn't cool enough) 

2. What were your favorite pastimes?
 In middle school I think I just hanging out with friends
In high school I did a lot of activities with school
 like being football water girl ;)

3. What songs were you obsessed with?
Any kind of dance song. I loved to dance. past tense

4. What fashion statement do you look backing and cringe?
When I was in middle school.. I had to wear uniforms, 
so I dressed like Brittney Spears
In high school, I had on whatever was 'in style'.. I had two jobs  
I could afford new clothes every month!

5. Who was your celeb crush?
Justin Timberlake for sure

6. What was your favorite movie?
 I don't think I was even watching T.v. or movies 
but what sticks out is Titanic 

 Linking up with Neely & Ashley

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Friday, October 4, 2013

*FREE* Deluxe-sized Trial kit from Redken Curvaceous

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Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sugar Love Boutique

I won a giveaway over at Agape Love Designs

I was so ecstatic. very grateful to had won
and still couldn't believe it! I love everything at Sugar Love Boutique
& trying to decide on what I wanted was really hard! I had everything in 
my cart. I really couldn't decide. So I just got the first two things that were in my cart.
This is what my cart looked like before choosing!

addie jacket

this jacket is the cutest

 savannah dress

magnolia sweater

And this is perfect for the fall weather! , 

 Carrie top  

Well I had to come to a compromise.. so this is what I chose

  jillian top  &  roxy top

Very cute right! I know. & guess what! I already got them in the mail! 
I can't wait for Joe to get back, so I can wear the one  on our date! lol =)
You have to check them out!

Happy Friday ya'll! 

Linking up today with -
Whitney @I Wore Yoga Pants

Rebecca @xoxo Rebecca
Melissa @MeloMomma

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kinderfeets Push Bike Giveaway!

Kinderfeets is a wooden push bike that is designed to ease the transitioning to pedal-powered bicycles as a toddler's comfort level. Kinderfeets is derived from the Dutch for "children" and "bicycle". Oscar Mulder is a Dutch designer who was disappointed with the push bikes that were available so he decided to create his own balance bike for his son, Sebastian. 
Kinderfeets was born as more then a toy, but a fathers gift to his son.
Oscar wanted Sebastian to be able to cruise once he became confident enough, so he added foot-pegs. He also added a removable and washable seat cover as he knows kids love to get dirty. You can simply toss the seat cover in with your next laundry load. Kinderfeets' tires do not require air, allowing for non-stop bike riding and no saddening interruptions of flat tires. Kinderfeets also has a chalkboard finish that provides a reusable canvas for your child to also exercise their creativity! 
Kinderfeets Push Bike is Eco-friendly!
Ever hear of an Eco-friendly bike?! Well the Kinderfeets ($109ARV) is most definitely Eco-friendly, how awesome is that? Now, you may be wondering... how in the world can a bike be Eco-friendly? The bike is made from sustainable birch wood and is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, every tree used to produce a Kinderfeets bike is replanted. The airless tires are 100% biodegradable! As far as packaging materials, they use as little materials for packaging as they can and they use materials used from recycled paper and water based-ink. The chalkboard finish paint is water-based and the lacquer in non-toxic. Kinderfeets also plants a tree with trees for the Future, for every bike sold. 
 Read Mami's 3 Little Monkeys full review here!

One lucky reader will win their own Kinderfeets Push Bike! Simply enter through the Giveaway Tools form below, complete as many or as little entries as you wish. Please be courteous and follow our sponsor on Facebook. This giveaway is open to US residents whom are at least 18 years of age at the time of entrance, it will end on Oct. 15th at 11:59pm CST. Winning entry will be verified. One winner will be chosen at random and notified via email, the winner will have 48hrs in which to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

 Good Luck Everyone! 
Disclosure: Manicures & Extra Sprinkles..Please! and all other participating blogs are not responsible for the fulfillment of the prize. Please no PO BOX address. I received no form of compensation for this publication. If you have any questions or if you'd like to see your products in a similar promotion please contact Sarh at

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September Budget

So I haven't posted about my monthly budgeting in a while. I did have a rough patch in August (and it was my birthday month) I went a little crazy and couldn't even begin to tell you what I bought or how much I spent.. but I'm back today to share with you my September spending! ;)

Shopping always makes me happy... DUH!

My newest found love is

 24.99 @

This counts as an accessory right?  haha 
Got this for 3.99 shipped! HERE

Last week, I was telling everyone how good I was doing 
on not going to Kohls, JcPennys or Macys.. and my mom just 
had to bring into JcPennys right?!
So this is what I picked up from there.

Got these a.n.a. Boyfriend Jeans + another pair of dark pair also

HEREa.n.a® Destructed Boyfriend Skinny Jeans

and these flats
HERESmoking Slippers

For everything I spent around $80.00
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$200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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