Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Social

Haven't linked up with Neely in a while... and since I'm bored out of my mind at work right now I'll link up... & today is all about Pins.. Pinterest that is..

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite outfit Pin?

2. What is your favorite food Pin?
3. What is your favorite wedding pin?
4. What is your favorite DIY/craft pin?
I have yet to try this, but I will! b/c I need it!

5. What is your favorite quote/verse/lyric pin?
6. One more random that you love ...

I also made my facebook fan page! can't wait to do a giveaway! 
OmG I can't get the pins to work! someone freakin help! hahaha stupid Pinterest... 
Saturday, April 6, 2013


So the past 2 weeks haven't been the greatest. Everyone has to know by now that my job sucks, and I'm just plain old stressed out...

So like I said I would do, I went back to detox week this past week. (week #1) because the week before was just terrible. I have to admit I had struggles (yes I stole Josiah's bite of pizza!) But I made it through this week!I'm not cheating today because I have cheated here and there throughout the week. I told yall this wouldn't be a walk in the park for me..

I didn't have my meals already cooked for the week. I kind of just went on a daily basis and made my baked chicken and salad, or went to the store and bought a one.Or just didn't eat at all. When I work over night shift I'll have my chicken with me but for some reason I just can't eat.

Another good thing about this revolt journey would be the ladies involved in it! I got an email on Facebook, from another lady who is in the same boat & has a lot going on too. We exchanged information and have been talking about our struggles. We message each other when we have cravings, urges, and it's kind of like an AA meeting through texts. LOL

I haven't weighed myself since last week. But I am going to start now and also taking pictures every week would be great. Of course I would think of this so late, right? So here it is.... I'm weighed in this morning at 151 lbs Now when I started I was at 157lbs

I really am trying to make life changes with this. I am still learning to get in control of my will-power!

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Friday, April 5, 2013


Funny Weekend Ecard: TGIF! .... Wait I work Weekends.

Three over-night shifts this whole weekend on top of that! I'll be so glad when this is over! 

Just a quick update today-

I had another "interview" on Wednesday....It was for a receptionist job for a cybernetics place. OH MY GOODNESS, I went in the place and she handed me a test & told me it would be timed... 12 minutes for some hard ass questions...50 hard ass questions LOL ...It was just cray cray. Needless to say, I'm not expecting a call back from them. I just think it's really weird that they even had that test, for a receptionist job! 

I'm still applying to every job on Craigslist. Now I'm applying for part-time and full time. At this point, I don't care if it is part time.. I cringe my teeth every time I think about going into work right now. I know every one is telling me to be patient and my job will come, well I'm sorry I can't think like that right now. I'm stressed, I'm getting sick, I'm trying to lose weight but all I can do is eat. It's not normal for me to have these type of feelings going into work! I need a new job. I'm seriously thinking about applying to fast food. I am trying the best I can to be patient & I wanted to say thank you all for the kind words! The only thing I can do is keep applying to every job that I know I want, and keep bitching. sorry for y' boyfriend hates it too. but that's another story..

I really wish I could have a part-time job, AND make money off of blogging. Does anybody have any advice on how to get this started????  baby steps, anything would help! thanks in advance.

Might just get a part time receptionist job, and waitress...Or even just waitress til something else comes up. I got to do somethin and I'm going to take this weekend that I work to apply for every single job on craigslist and other sites..cuz I want to put my 2 weeks in NOW!

Today I will be chillin... it's still cold outside. But I might put on this dress I got to review... since I can never find time, but I have all the time in the world. does that make any sense? smh 


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting!

I just pinned some random pins from people on my friends list because I had a lot to do tonight at work!

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I got 99 problems & a Job is 1

Friday I was expecting *which I shouldn't have done* I was expecting a phone call to get another interview for a job that I applied to earlier that week. I had my hopes really high for the job, planning my escape of this job I'm at now and everything...Just to get my hopes up. I mean when I went for the interview everything was good. I was so nervous that I thought I blew it so I confirmed with her through an email the next day that I was really interested and I hope that shown through even though I was nervous. lol. so anyways...

After the interview she told me she would like to hire asap but she had more interviews and she would give me a call if I made it back for the second interview. I still think it's weird to have two interviews? but uhh whatever lol I'm interested in the job so I was still hoping that I would get that call on Friday.

I had to work 3-11 that day and it was 230, I just knew I wouldn't be getting a phone call so I got applied to another hotel near my house (which is really not what I want to do but I need somethin closer then what I have now.) I was at work when I turned my wi-fi on and saw I had an email waiting from her! 

I was so shocked, my heart sank. While reading it, well let me just show you. 

So please tell me what you think this means?! Does it sound like I'm in there or does it sound like a nice way of saying "Your not hired" LOL I'm in such suspense I just can't take it anymore!
I want to know already!

I've been applying to so many places on Craigslist it isn't even funny. at LEAST 5 every other day. The problem I have, is I have no experience! I mean I do but not in what I really want to do. Which would be receptionist, booking keeping, or accounting. A 9-5 Mon-Fri DAY job! Everyone wants to hire experienced. That was the problem I had with my job now. My manager wanted to promote me to Sales Director but the owner wants someone experienced. 
So needless to say, since he told me about the job I never heard anything else about it. Which is another reason I hate this job. It's a dead end. I don't want to deal with these rude ass guests anymore. Nothing is good enough for them! I might be saying too much lol

Well now you know my situation, if you didn't already. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

My weekend [Miss Can't Get Right]

 Happy April fools day! 

 I'm really not in a cheerful mood, to be honest. but I thought I should sound excited...

It's Sunday night and I'm here at work, tired, stressed out, just so overwhelmed... My Easter didn't go as I planned. I worked last night over night too and I was so tired I went home a crashed for two hours... Just ruining my whole day. Then is rained.. It was just a bad day. This weekend was absolutely terrible too .. like this must be Aprils fools weekend.... Boyfriend problems, job problems... I just can't get right! - btw this was my nick name back n the day lol..I wish I would have taken a picture of this "name" that I had for myself on the back of my car window........ now that is funny....... "Miss Can't Get Right"  smh lol

I'm ready for this next week to hurry up and get over with too. FOUR nights of overnight shifts. I basically will live out of this hotel for the next week. Since they did this to me, knowing I hate it and it is killing me. I'm going to save some money in the process. MY GAS that is..
I really just failed at everything last week. I didn't get the job, so I didn't shop for it. I didn't even have time to clean my car, and my green card is still sitting in an envelope on the stairs. The only thing I did do was pay my c.c. haha


 goals for next week ;



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this weekend i...

we had an Easter Egg hunt on Friday
I got my Julep Box 
& I'm in love with this color! 

We got him a remote control car for Easter
this is his new thing when I try to take pictures of him. 

but he took these for my mom ...

 and that was my weekend..