Handprint Turkey Craft

I said I wasn't going to do crafts, seeing as how much other crap I have going on with Thirty-One and baby girl coming in only 5 (give or take) weeks!!!! BUT I couldn't help myself. I love crafts!!!

What you'll need;

Toilet Paper Roll
Construction paper (orange, blue, green, yellow, purple)
Glue stick
Wiggly eyes

Trace your child's hand-print and cut it out. If they are old enough, let them cut it out themselves. 

Cut out the beak and feet with the orange paper. 

Then glue on your hand print one at time, gluing them on a little above the next. It should look like this. 

Let the kids put on the beak and eyes. 

Put glue on the inside of the toilet paper roll, and place cut out feet inside like this...

Then bend the feet so they show. 


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Nordic Naturals #PawsForACause Giveaway


Nordic Naturals #PawsForACause Giveaway

Prize: 1 winner will receive 1 bottle of Ultimate Omega & 1 bottle of Omega-3 Pet

ARV: $75

Sponsored by: Nordic Naturals

Hosted by: Heartbeats~ Soul Stains

Thank you to all the blogs for helping to promote this giveaway:

Here We Go Again...Ready?, God's Growing Garden, Michigan Saving and More, Tay's Two Cents, Manicures & Extra Sprinkles, SuperMomSurveys, Happy Green Baby, GlamourholicMom, Something to fill the time, Elitemama's Blog, Laurita Always & Hands Full of Life


Nordic Naturals is committed to providing the World's safest and most effective Omega Oils. They provide products meeting the needs from prenatal to adult as well as offering their Nordic Pet Collection. You can read Heartbeats~ Soul Stains full review here.

They are also committed to giving back to others. Nordic Naturals is making a huge contribution to Paws for Veterans; an organization that helps veterans and rescues shelter animals. Check out their campaign #PawsForACause and read more about Buy One Bottle, Help Two Heros here or here.

Giveaway will run from 11/21/14 - 12/12/14

Open to US residents


Nordic Naturals is responsible for fulfillment, shipping and all costs associated with this prize.

All information collected is completely confidential and will only be used for contacting the winner and prize fulfillment purposes only. If you are a brand or company and would like to work with Heartbeats~ Soul Stains please contact us here

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#DIY Superhero Skyline Backdrop

So I have had the worst luck the past month with my parties not going the way I really planned them! Mostly because of poor timing and camera failure. 

In this post I am going to show you how I made Josiah's Superhero Back-Drop for his 5th birthday party. It was easy, fast and super cheap because I already had everything in the house for this one! 

What you'll need; 

Large cardboard box
Black spray paint
White plain computer paper
Bamboo Skewers
Blue table clothe (for behind the box)
(Any extra Props)
First I took the box apart

Cut the box - I used a picture off google.com to make a city skyline.

After I finish cutting the skyline, I put skewers where the top of the box kept falling in.

This was the outcome -

I let my step-dad spray paint it for me, which I don't have a picture of, but I let it dry over night. The next day I cut out a few different size "windows" out of regular computer paper, and let Josiah help tell me where he wanted them.

Add your own props (we had a large Spider-man) & also Added the blue table clothe in the background.

Add your kids

(Sorry for the sucky quality in pictures.)
I also went back to the same Etsy Shop that I went to for my Baby Sprinkle. This time, sine we had kids handling the masks, I printed them out on better paper ! ^_^


Check out my Baby Sprinkle and the Photo booth I made for that as well! 

You can check out how I made these super easy invitations HERE

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5 Reasons I'm Keeping My Blog Name

I found this like two months ago over at Never The Same Spice. I fell in love instantly! I'm going to use her exact answers. Because, well... they fit for me too! 

1. It still applies - Ever since I started my blog, it's been about my manicures along with other things. I'm just adding pregnancy, new baby and fitness into my blogging experience! Extra Sprinkles has a lot of different meaning....that could be the extra things going on in my busy life.

2. I haven't thought of anything better - I have also tried! I think this name is very, very unique. (especially when my Facebook name is .. Manicures & Extra Sprinkes) HAHA I can't change it people! I have tried everything!

3. There is still some (manicures) - I will always have a love for nail polish. I Just can't do them as often as I use to! I think that is perfectly fine.

4. It's a hassle - MAN! I have thought about this reason many times. And I honestly just can't grasp the thought around my head. There are so many steps involved in changing a blog name, it's ridiculous! And honestly even keeping followers now is hard enough as it is.. I would like to think you are here for more then just giveaways.

5. I just don't wanna - It's really just too much of a hassle! ^_^ It's my unique name, and I don't want to change it. I love it. 

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Baby Bump Hump Day {36 weeks}

Baby is size of a Honeydew!!

What don't I have. I think the only thing I don't have are kankles. I can't wait!  :| Right now the big thing is Heartburn. 

There's still no sleep. I wake up to go to the bathroom at 3:30 am, then I can't go back to sleep for at least another 30 minutes. 

I am still just craving everything. I mean obviously not salads right now though. For some reason they just sound so GROSS! Actually been craving cereal, but of course this is one thing that gives me heartburn! 

Maternity Clothes

 I bought two new pair of tights! NOT maternity, but they are extra large. =/ At least they fit right now and until I lose my baby weight! And they a cute! (totally a plus)

Weight gain

 I am at --- ( I will update tomorrow morning! ooops!)


 Def not working out. and I probably won't until she gets here. 

Stretch Marks

 I'm pretty sure I have new ones. But WHATEVER I am still downing myself in oil and lotion... no matter what kind. I'm just lathering up in everything. I heard that keeping your body moisturized will help! Since I haven't gotten any more Bio Oil or Itworks cream.

 She is still moving all the time. And when she does BOY she is beating me up! She stretches and I feel like my rib is going to collapse and she is going to come out of my stomach!!!! 

Labor Signs
 I don't think I have had any yet. I am currently getting all the guesses on when baby girl will show her face!

 We found out HERE what we were having! & I'm still so excited about it!

Baby Names 

 So I am getting the hang of Amiliana. And I think that may her name. Her nick name for me will still be Millie or Amillie. It's NOT definite BUT its likely. 

Belly button in or out?
 Still in. for right now

Rings on or off?
 My rings are still on, but I have noticed swelling..

 I am still working on this, I am going to just have to buy what I need for storage, and get this done. I am waiting on her crib bedding ( Lindsey bought it for me!!) & I also need to still get my sewing machine. =|

(By the way, this is not all her shoes... only half hahahahaha)

Doc Appointment

 I had another doctor appointment Monday. Everything was normal, her heart rate was at 147. I have been a little sick this weekend. And I was taking Tylenol Cold & Flu and now I feel a little better! 

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Just say Yes to Influenster!

I am proud to announce that I am now an #Influenster

I am getting my first box in the mail sometime soon.

My first box and review will be about Lansinoh. I've never done a review for huge company before so I'm pretty excited! I love reading The Hub. It gives me a lot of recipes and other great ideas to write about! 

I can't wait to start using my #InfluensterApp too. It makes 

I am also getting to take advantage VoxBox Perks!!!! I am signing up to get a bottle of wine and I get to review it! You can get additional perks, like gaming memberships, clothes, and even pet insurance! 

Well until next time!! See you later!

Baby Girl's Diaper Bag


I have this bag all ready to go! Waiting in her crib, for us to leave! 

  1. The Car Seat 
  2. Diapers/Wipes - Since I'm still on the fence about diapers and cloth diapers I am bringing both! 
  3. 2 sleepers / 2 outfits and 1 going home outfit - I will be sure to have newborn and 0-3 months because you never know how big or small she will be! Then also the going home outfit, was picked out by Grandma. 
  4. Blankets/ Burp Clothes - Blankets!! since it'll be real cold outside/ I will also be using these as burp clothes (There are four and I won't use one for BOTH LOL)
  5. A Bib 
  6. A Pacifier - I really don't want one for her, but I WILL pack it. 
  7. Swaddle blankets
  8. Socks, Hat and Gloves; since it's cold outside!
The only thing I packed for Josiah was an outfit to go home in.. That's because most of the time, hospitals give you everything you need. During the cold months they give your baby hats and receiving blankets. They usually provide enough newborn diapers for the three days you stay. And they also give you a few shirts for the baby.

We will see! 

Did you pack this much for your baby to come home? 

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This weekend I...


Today my baby turned 5!!! I can't believe it!!!!!

Last week's Wishes; 

2. BLOG POST FOR DIAPER BAG - I will have the post out tonight!!!

I went to the same Etsy Shop that I went to for my Baby Sprinkle. This time, sine we had kids handling the masks, I printed them out on better paper ! ^_^
4. GET LAYAWAY AT K-MART - I told myself I wasn't going to spend that much money this year. BUT I did. I spent about 300. And I am still not done shopping.. Black Friday is right around the corner!! :\ 
5. GET READY FOR THE SPRING PRODUCT PREMIERE FOR THIRTY-ONE!! I am SUPER excited for Spring! I really need to get my goal of 1200 in sales from December 1st til 15th!! 
6. GROCERY SHOPPING FOR THANKS GIVING!! - I got this partially done. So I will add this again. lol

I have been on my toes getting everything done! Aren't you proud?!

This Week's Goals; 

1. CHRISTMAS WISH LIST - I know I'm old, but I want to have a Christmas list - being the only child has it's perks! plus it'll be something to blog about!! hahaha
2. GET HOSTESS PACKET OUT// & MAKE THIRTY-ONE CLIP BOARDS -  I have my REAL first party, at the end of the month. WHEW Yes I had one before but my friend Taylor was the only one to show up. And now she wants to have one. Hopefully a few people will show this time and actually buy something!! I just want to make the clip boards because they were cute. If I don't get to them I won't even be mad!

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