This weekend I.. *Birthday Edition*

Good morning everyone! 

Sooo, I was suppose to work for my 27th birthday (which was Wednesday)  but a lovely co-worker offered to take my shift. I need the money but I was so bummed I had to work, I decided I needed the break, so I took it! I got this balloon and card from my baby. it was tooo funny, I love him!!

I feel a lot older then 27 boy! back pains and these veins popping out of my legs! LOL that could just be pregnancy BUT I'm pretty sure it's from old age. 

//The day of my birthday I took Josiah to Busch Gardens. He had a blast.

//My mom made my favorite dinner. Schnitzel. ^_^

//I ran some errands, and after posting my Baby Girl Wish List, I decided to let my mom get a used stroller to match the used car seat my mom had bought a few weeks back. They are both in great condition. I'm just grateful to not have to spend much. 

// I started selling 31! So if you would like to host an online party with me you can contact me HERE

// This weekend I took off. We had a yard sale. I basically made money to spend this weekend. 

// I went to dinner with my mom and couple of friends. 

// Me and Joe went to Macy's to get him a shirt but I saw this purse and he got it for me! (my birthday present!) 

// We got to see my baby girl this weekend!! And yes I mean WE as in ME and Joe!!! He never went to an appointment with Josiah and I'm excited for him to see the ultrasound up close and personal. Especially because they never get good pictures to take home. 

// I got my comforter sets from Kohl's! I love it and I'm not even done decorating yet. I have no space in my room, I'm going to share it with you when I finish.

// Took Josiah bowling with his cousin. 

how was your weekend? 

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Baby Girl Wish List

Where is the time going? I'm already 22 weeks today?! My birthday!

I'm 27 years old today!! 

So back to baby, lol....I know for a fact that I'm having a "Baby Sprinkle" when it comes to my baby girl.. because I do in fact have everything from Josiah that I don't need anything big. BUT IT'S A GIRL! I wasn't going to get anything but everyone insists on me getting GIRLY things! So here is my wish List!!! 

When I had Josiah, he slept in our bed for the most part until.. Well even to this day. It's on and off with him. One day he is fine with sleeping by himself and the next he won't leave us alone until someone is in that room with him.

I really want to change it up and get a pack n play for my baby girl. Mostly so we can change the habit of having someone to sleep with. I do not and will not let her get like Josiah and not be dependent sleeping.

Of course I (have to) ;)  get a stroller system that are pink AND match. BUT it's so hard to find the right pack n play! The one I'm looking for has music and vibration that I can move around to the rocking seat at home or the play pen when we are traveling. AND still matches the stroller system. This is the best I can find. And the most expensive.

The bobby pillow was a great thing to have with Josiah. I do still have his and my mom has actually bought many more online. If you don't have one and  purchase at target you'll get a $10 gift card.

I breastfed Josiah til he was at least 6 months old. I definitely want to breastfeed again, as long as little one will latch on. Of course I will also be going back to work, so I will have to pump and bottle feed her when she is at my moms. I have seen one of these online for over $200. BUT I got a steal when I got a used one for only $30! I reconfirmed that I could get new parts and tubes from the hospital or from my WIC office.

  1. Glider and Ottoman - Walmart
  2. Pack N Play W/ Rocking Seat - Minnie's Garden Collection - Babies R Us
  3. Car Seat - Minnie's Garden Collection - Babies R Us
  4. Stroller - Minnie's Garden Collection - Babies R Us
  5. Medela Breast Pump W/ Tote Bag - Amazon
  6. Boppy Pillow - Target w/ $10 Gift Card
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I skipped last week, because life happened. I think I'm going to start doing this every two weeks anyways or maybe once a month!! 

I have been stressing myself out every week to try to get my goals done and it's too much for my real life. So since I'm going to do this once every two weeks, I'll probably add more then just 5 goals. Unless I just don't feel like it =P


I finally took the computer back and got another one! THEN I finally transferred all my pictures from my old phone to the computer. I can't be more excited! LOL Knowing I didn't lose my pictures is a wonderful feeling. Now I need to call Verizon and make sure that I even need to return the phone in the first place.  
Walking around felt so much better then sitting around all day. I've been doing this at least 2 times a week.. This also means running around busch gardens or water country, or even walking at the park. I also started doing little exercises like leg lifts and things like that while I'm not doing anything at all.
After weeks of planning on doing this nail polish rack, and trying to do it myself.. I'm just so nervous that I'm going to mess it up. break the wood and all of that. So I'm probably going to just have someone that has done it before, do this one for me. I know, there's no fun in that. BUT I need the space that these bags of nail polish is taking up in my room! 
I found an etsy shop for an instant download of planners. I just needed to find a real planner to put the paper in. I love it! You can buy and download it here. It's only 8 bucks!  Although after buying and printing this, I DID find a free one on Pinterest.

I'm not doing Mani Monday, because I'm waiting for my Birthday to get my nails done. My birthday is Wednesday!!! I'll be 27 years! Man I'm getting old. LOL 

Do you have weekly goals?

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Frozen Fruit Pops

Cool off from this HOT weather with these homemade frozen fruit pops made with fresh fruit puree!

Aren't these the prettiest things! I just love the vibrant colors you can get from using fresh fruit, and the flavors are refreshing and sweet.

You can use any fruit you want. I added a little sugar because my fruit tasted a little tart, but you can leave it out or use stevia if you prefer.
Frozen Fruit Pops
What you'll need; 
  • 9 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 5 oz kiwi, peeled
  • 5 oz fresh strawberries
  • 5 oz fresh blueberries
First your going to start off by making a simple syrup. Combining water and sugar in a small pot and bring to a boil. Boil for about 5 minutes on medium heat. Set aside.

Puree fruit separately in the blender (I used my new food processor). Put aside in 3 small bowls.

Divide the syrup between the fruit purees and mix in.

Equally fill your cups with the kiwi puree and place in the freezer; freeze one hour.

Add strawberry puree and freeze 20 minutes. Insert tops and freeze at least 2 hours. Add blueberry puree and freeze overnight.


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Pregnancy Essentials

When I was pregnant with Josiah, nothing mattered as far as "doing things by the book". Now that I am actually into this pregnancy and I'm having a girl.... I'm in it more then ever! Being pregnant you usually think about the baby a lot more then you do your self. BUT this essential list is about YOU! Pregnancy comes with swollen feet, nausea, and cravings for every thing your not suppose to have!

Here of a couple of my essentials for this pregnancy.


I don't use anything fancy, as a matter of fact I got mine from the WIC office. Even if you can't get WIC, they will give you a bottle. Any doctor you go to and find out that your pregnant should give you exactly what you need.


I have become obsessed. I said that wouldn't but it is the only way I know that I still have a baby alive in me. I heard mixed reviews about using them. I have heard about sound waves hurting the baby, but I looked it up and they said it wasn't anything like that. They are more worried that you will mistake any movements in your stomach *and yes your stomach has movements other then the baby* for the actual baby. I have become so attached to this machine I can now find babies heartbeat within a seconds. It's best to use this after 12 weeks of pregnancy, that's when it was harder for me to find a heartbeat.


If you haven't been pregnant or just became pregnant you'll start o notice that your face wants to re-visit your teeenage years. And if you don't ever get them, KUDOS to you! I wouldn't recommend anti acne washes. You will want something that is sensitive. And of course drink a lot of water. 


Even if you don't follow everything the book says, it's still a good read. I love reading about things that are going on in my body during this amazing thing they call pregnancy. I got a few books from thrift stores. That's the best place to buy them honestly! I also had a few given to my by friends.


This is has helped tremendously in my back pain!  You can get these from FREE with the code "ENJOYBB" All you do is pay shipping! 


I have ditched my old bras! I am now using a wireless bra that is so ugly but yet so comfortable! Your probably going to need a bigger size especially further along in your pregnancy. Once you have baby and are breastfeeding like me, there are bra to help in that area too! I will be getting one of these this time around. With Josiah I just had no bra and wore tank tops hahaha I don't recommend that. I remember now my back hurting a lot.

7. EXTRA PILLOWS - Similar

Sleeper Keeper Pillow, Vintage Turquoise

 I can say that this is magical! I actually just got the pregnancy pillow. AND I love it!


With my past pregnancies I have had it all. Morning sickness, headaches, body aches, heartburn and even SHINGLES! Tylenol is the only thing you can take while your pregnant without harming your unborn. Whenever I did feel morning sickness coming on I grab a real ginger ale and it goes away almost immediately. Heartburn on the other hand.. I had it faithfully all the time. It just started happening to me after I eat dinner.sI'm pretty sure my diet had something to do with it because I don't eat healthy at all! Tums was and is my best friend.


I have noticed since I added a banana in my diet here and there, my leg cramps have stopped in the middle of the night! I'm so relieved!!


Being pregnant in the beginning of the year pretty much means your going to be pregnant during all seasons. I had Josiah in November and now this baby is due in December. I am getting all the seasons. I'm going through hot stage right now to where I wear nothing but summer dresses and loose shorts. During the cold months it's a little harder to dress, because you actually have to buy a jacket that fits, and shoes that are going to be comfortable during your swelling stage! 


Yes, Tissue. This is for all the crying you'll be doing during this pregnancy! You can be in the worst or happiest mood, and still cry over anything! I am definitely guilty of this one as well. 


I didn't even think about this when I was pregnant with Josiah. I didn't get stretch marks with him until I was about 30 weeks. This pregnancy I keep it in the bathroom to be sure that I use it every time I get out of the shower! As you can see, I need more!! LOL


When I found out a few weeks ago that I was about 18 weeks along, I downloaded every app that you cold think of!


This can also help morning sickness! But most of all, for your cravings. I know that it's probably not what you were craving but if you have it on you, or around you, you may change your mind and you'll eat it anyways. You'll feel better physically and mentally after eating your healthy snacks. 

*18 week Ultrasounds* Blessed

I know I am late, but these are the ultrasound pictures from when I found out what we were having. 

This was baby girl at 18 weeks

Like I said this is from when I was 18 weeks, I am going to be 21 weeks tomorrow. I have been blessed to see my baby multiple times this pregnancy. And I'm just so happy to have made it past my first trimester and as far as I am right now. I am writing this because I had a TERRIBLE nightmare last night that I almost woke up in tears, I had to remind myself that it was only that. A nightmare. It was so real that I actually wonder if I screamed as loud as I did in the nightmare, out loud. I'm at work right now but I can't wait to go home and listen to my baby's heartbeat! 

Have a great day! I sure will try! 

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Cucumber & LiMe Pops

On a nice hot summer day these come in handy! Or when you are catering a large cookout for family and friends!

1 Cucumber
2 Limes
Pitcher of water
For a sweet taste: add sugar, For a tangy salty taste: add salt
Popsicle Molds
In the large pitcher, add water, cucumber slices and squeeze a large lime. Stir and let the flavors fuze together in the refrigerator for at least an hour. I let them sit for about two days.

If you would like to add a sweet taste: add a few teaspoons of sugar. For a tangy flavor, add a 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Align a few slices of cucumber around the cup and fill up with the fuzed water.

Freeze and serve when ready.

To remove the ice pop from the mold, simply run in water for a few seconds.

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